• Replacement Flex-Bands 8oz

    Facial Flex

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  • Description

    FacialFlex Replacement FlexBands are used with the FacialFlex Ultra Facial Exercise and Toning System.First time users should find the 6 oz. resistance FlexBands adequate. As you become comfortable with the exercise and use of the device, you will need a higher resistance to continue your progress. Changing to a higher resistance FlexBand challenges your muscles, increasing their strength and tone at a faster rate. FlexBands are available in an even higher strength of 14 oz. of resistance.Each packet contains a sixmonth supply (when used as recommended).Available in Three Resistance Strengths:6oz.Low resistance8oz.Medium resistance14oz.High resistanceFor optimum results, the FlexBandTMon your FacialFlexiuml;iquest;frac12; should be changed weekly This is important to achieve best results. The bands fatigue and the resistance decreases with use.

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