• Replens & RepHresh Brands - RepHresh Clean Balance Feminine Freshness Kit - 2 part (1 douche, 1 RepHresh Gel applicator)

    Lil' Drug Store (Pre-Seed, Replens, Rephresh, Legatrin PM, Wellgate)

  • $2.92

  • Description

    RepHresh Clean Balance is unlike any other feminine cleaning product. Heres the 2 Step Difference. Step 1 Cleans: Purified Cleansing with RepHresh Pure-10: The RepHresh Pure-10 Ten Step Water Purification Process removes chemicals, particles, bacteria, irritants and other pollutants so the Clean Balance Purified Cleansing Solution is safe for the most sensitive parts of your body. Proven ingredients, specially designed to match healthy feminine pH, are added to provide gentle, effective cleansi

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