• RESTRAINT AND CONTROL STRATEGIES - State-of-the-Art Defensive tactics for Law Enforcement and Security Professionals - by Loren W. Christensen

    Paladin Press

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    In this groundbreaking video production from Paladin Press, Loren Christensen distills more than 25 years of martial arts and law enforcement defensive tactics training into a street-proven system that is efficient, easy to learn and legally defensible. This is not a contrived system of new techniques; it is a tightly structured course that teaches you the secrets of making the joint locks, holds and takedowns you already know more effective and painful to the subject. This course also reveals pressure points that really work, striking techniques that maximize pain but minimize injury and the critical combative principles that will get you out of a jam even if your technique falls completely apart. 
    Although designed for law enforcement professionals, this video set is also an invaluable tool for any jujitsu or aikido practitioner who wants to make his joint-lock techniques street realistic. For information purposes only. Color, 2-DVD Set, approx. 195 min. total.

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