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    Sharon Pederson's most popular workshop now on DVD! It's like making twice the quilt in half the time. 
    Do you hate basting quilts? Have too little time to hand quilt and are afraid to try machine quilting? Then this is the DVD for you. Construction is quick and easy because these projects are quilted at the same time they are pieced. And, when you are finished, you have TWO quilts - a different color on each side.
     Sharon's step-by-step instructions lead you through this easy and rewarding process. The technique is easy enough for beginners yet flexible enough for veterans to explore lots of design possibilities. 
    You will learn the construction of the basic block, how to join blocks together, adding borders, and reversible binding - everything you need to know to finish your quilt.
    This DVD is the perfect companion to Sharon's book, Reversible Quilts - Two at a Time.

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