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    The Rhodia Pads Metal Orange Cover Lined 6 x 8 ¼ . These economical pads are a favorite of artists & designers. People love Rhodia pads for their grids, smooth paper and unique scored cover which folds back neatly. The stiff back cover makes writing easy and portable. All Rhodia paper is acid-free and ink-friendly. Their bright orange covers make them instantly recognizable in the store or on the street. Rhodia has been around since the 1930s.

    In 1934, the company moved from Lyon to Sechilienne near Grenoble in the French Alps. The name "Rhodia" comes from the Rhone, a river flowing by Lyon dividing the Alps from the Massif Central. Production of their notepad began that year. People love Rhodia pads and notebooks for their grids, smooth paper & iconic cover.

  • Rhodia "Metallic" Polypro.
  • 80 g extra white paper with exceptionally smooth satin finish.
  • Microperforated detachable sheets.
  • Acid-free, pH neutral.
  • 80 Sheets.
  • The Rhodia Notepads.
  • We also sell Notepads Refills.


    • Genuine Product from Rhodia Pads. Buy from Authorized Major dealer only , with confidence
    • Brand New Product. Guaranteed for quality.

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