• Right Guard Deodorant Fresh 8.5oz.

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    No Odor, No Sweat

    Right Guard Sport Aerosol Deodorant, Fresh is an anti-perspirant deodorant that's formulated to reduce body odor and keep you fresh all day long. It's an ideal choice for everyday use as it can provide protection against wetness and odor. This deodorant comes in aerosol form.

    • Anti-perspirant deodorant
    • Provides all day protection
    • Reduces perspiration
    • Controls odor
    • Dries on contact
    • Hypoallergenic

    This sweat and odor blocker provides protection for up to 24 hours. Its anti-stain formula dries on contact.

    Just For You: All skin types

    A Closer Look: Right Guard Sport Aerosol Deodorant, Fresh makes a great choice to fight body odor and sweat. It's made with anti-stain formula that can help to protect your clothes as it leaves behind no residue.

    You Won't Find: CFCs

    Get Started: Hold can 6 inches away from underarm, point arrow and spray. Keep in cool dry places.

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