• Rinse Ace 3233COM Deluxe Pet Shower Sprayer

    Capital Books and Wellness

  • $50.00

  • Description

    Rinse Ace Deluxe Pet Shower Sprayer makes bathing your pet in the shower incredibly quick and easy. No more messy cups and buckets, or flimsy hoses that blow off. No sloppy shampoo container to fill. Fewer expensive trips to the groomer. The 8-foot snap-on hose lets you quickly rinse off your furry friend and easily disconnects when not in use. Plus, installation is a snap.
           Easy 'one-time-install' valve. Quick connect and disconnect. 8 foot hose locks and stays in place -- means no 'blow offs'. Professional groomer sprayer with easy-to-hold fit. Complete water shut off to showerhead when hose is engaged. Water flows only when sprayer lever is pressed. Install valve one time in minutes on existing showerhead. Plug in hose only when needed, store out of site when not in use. Start flow with just a touch. Valve available in white, chrome or brass. Brass and Chrome are not solid brass and chrome but rather plastic that is painted these colors.

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