• Roosebeck Harp String Set, 29, C - C

    Mid-East (Distributor for DOBANI, banjira and Roosebeck)

  • $50.32

  • Description

    29 DuPont hard nylon strings, color coded for easy replacement, red for C and blue for F. Ideal for the Minstrel HarpT and the 29 String Gothic Harp.Tuning and String Gauges 1:C7.025"Red 2:B6.025"Clear 3:A6.025"Clear 4:G6.025"Clear 5:F6.025"Blue 6:E6.025"Clear 7:D6.032"Clear 8:C6.032"Red 9:B5.032"Clear 10:A5.032"Clear 11:G5.036"Clear 12:F5.036"Blue 13:E5.036"Clear 14:D5.036"Clear 15:C5.036"Red 16:B4.040"Clear 17:A4.040"Clear 18:G4.040"Clear 19:F4.040"Blue 20:E4.040"Clear ul class"roosestri

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