• Rose Camellia Plum Soft-Water Mist-3.4 oz.

    Red Flower

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    Red Flower Rose Camellia Plum Soft-Water Mist-3.4 oz.Mist rose, camellia, and plum blossoms generously over the body, face and neck whenever the skin feels dehydrated and dull. Created with apricot, soft-water and plum wine serum to hydrate, renew and soften. Aids in keeping pores unblocked so that your skin can absorb nutrients and breathe more readily. High in vitamins a, c and e , helps keep skin young, supple and glowing. Soft-water is free of harsh, damaging elements and is the perfect form of of ion-free water for hydrating the skin. Plum wine serum adds natural, gentle sugar acids which help reduce the effects of sun and aging while delivering sweet softness to the skin. Mist this blend of replenishing plum wine, soft-water, lovely sweet- smelling camellia, rose and plum blossoms for perfect hydration and refreshing scent.

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