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    Rosemary has a strong, fresh, herbaceous aroma. It is said to have a stimulating     effect on the brain and is good for tasks where alertness, memory recall and being     mentally sharp are required. Combine with basil for an enhanced effect. Many also     use it to help soothe tired muscles, fortifies the immune and respiratory systems, as     well as being a stimulant for the circulatory system.      Created through a steam-distilled extraction method. Not tested on animals. Blending Suggestions : Blends well with lavender, citronella, thyme, pine, basil, peppermint, cedarwood and cinnamon.  Recommended Use : Because essential oils are highly concentrated, they need to be used with care.      Apply them by the drop. The general rule is to dilute them with carrier oils such as     jojoba, sweet almond, or grape seed when used on the skin.    Personal Care    Bath:     - Add no more than 8-10 drops to your bath. Use less if your skin is sensitive. Stir the      water briskly to disperse evenly.     Massage:    -  Add essential oils of your choice to carrier oils in the proportion of 10-20 drops per     one ounce of carrier oil. Use the lesser amount for sensitive skin, children and the     elderly. Mix well.   Skin Care:   -  Add 10-20 drops of essential oil to one ounce of carrier oil, unscented natural lotion      or cream. Dilute further for children, the elderly, or if skin is sensitive. Mix well     before using.     Hair Care:    -  Add essential oils of choice to unscented natural shampoos and conditioners. Use     10-20 drops per ounce. Mix well before using.      Freshen The Home   Refresh Rooms:  -  Essential oils make ideal room fresheners. Add 10 drops per ounce of water in      spray mist bottle.   -  Place undiluted oils in a diffuser, lamp ring or add to a simmering potpourri pot with      water. Replenish as necessary.   In the Bedroom:   -  Place a few drops on a tissue and place near your pillow at night.       In the Laundry:   -  Try adding a fe

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