• RT - Apron, Realtree AP Camouflage - Pink

    Weston Products

  • $5.65

  • Description

    Realtree Pink Apron . We offer have lots of camo aprons, and were impressed with this one. Before product testing, we didn't think it would be sturdy enough as it is lightweight and realtree pink might show more stains. But the polyester makes the stains slide off as they don't seem to absorb into the fabric. The pockets are deep enough to carry in the eggs from the chicken coop. Its lightweight and not cumbersome. Comes neatly folded in an organza drawstring bag. Note: No two aprons are the same, due to the variance in the Realtree AP® Camo pattern of the material. Pattern will vary from apron to apron adding to the uniqueness of the product. Pink Camo Apron Realtree APC Two Pocket.

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