• Ruff Love: A Relationship Building Program for You and Your Dog

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    "The Ruff Love program can be a lifesaver for any rescue or  re-homed dog. The boundaries provide structure that builds confidence in  the dog in its new environment. Without Ruff Love I doubt Meg would have  survived." --  Mary Ann Kras and Meg, 4-year-old Border Collie "The Ruff Love program gave me the tools to build a great  relationship with my very independent and confident puppy. That success has  been the key to the wonderful pet Lacey has become and the terrific  competition dog that she is becoming." --  Anne Stocum and Lacey, 2-year-old Sheltie "When my young dog was five months old, I had my hands full. She  was extremely stimulated by motion and a bit fearful. Even in my small  town, she could not function walking down the main street without lunging  to the end of her leash constantly. After going through the Ruff Love  program, I now have a dog that is very focused on me and can handle high  levels of stimulation. We are still a work in progress but instead of  having a dog unable to function in everyday life, I have a wonderful  companion and performance partner." --  Kathy Keats and Mojo, 2-year-old Border Collie 
           Internationally-known canine sports instructor and competitor,  Susan Garrett, shares her incredibly successful relationship-building  program. Based on her years of experience working with dogs, the Ruff Love  program is designed not only to help people dealing with "problem" dogs,  but to help agility, flyball, obedience, and other dog sport handlers build  a better working relationship with their current competition dog or get  their next puppy or rescue dog started out on the right paw.   Do you need Ruff Love? * Is it difficult to motivate your dog to do what you want him to do,  when you want him to do it? * Is your dog "too energetic" or "too distracted" to give you his best  work? * Is your dog happy to run after squirrels in the back yard, but not  willing to run on the agility course? * Is your dog's recall effective only if there isn't something more  interesting nearby? * Is your dog willing to work only if he sees the bait bag or his  favorite toy? * Is your dog "into" toys, but won't play tug with you? * Is your dog prone to the "zoomies" during an agility run?  If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, your relationship  needs strengthening. The Ruff Love program will help you to achieve just  that.

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