• Sabotage 24g Steel Tip Darts

    Dutchman Darts

  • $50.47

  • Description

    Ted Hankey world champion Steel tip series. Double Lakeside World Champion, Ted 'The Count' Hankey's weapons of choice. Pencil slim barrels made from 90% tungsten with cutting-edge technology, designed for blood curdling accuracy. Developed to meet the demands of the worlds Top Professionals these match weighed darts give more confident grouping, and therefore higher scoring. The Winmau series of Match Weighed darts are accurate to within 0.1 of a gram, so you can be sure that every throw is as precise as the last. Uniquely, Winmau enjoys complete control over its raw material and darts production that enables an unrivalled methodology for Match Weighed selection. Also included are the Winmau precision engineered re-grooved aluminum shafts featuring a unique styled ring pattern. Along with 25% thicker Rhino flights that are extra tough and strong and built to last longer. Available in 23 and 25 grams. (flights and shafts may vary)

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