• SAFE-LOK - 2-way Locking Cabinet & Drawer Latches 6-pack (3 pk)

    Mommy's Helper

  • $14.95

  • Description

    Children like to explore places, but when a little finger gets pinched in a drawer there's trouble. You can now prevent this with the  Safe-Lok Cabinet and Drawer Lock  by Mommy's Helper. The Safe-Lok's patented Trap-Slot design helps to protect children two ways. First, it allows a cabinet door or drawer to open only approximately 1". Then, it locks in place so your child's fingers can't be pinched by the reclosing door, while it remains easy for an adult to release. Set of 2! * Allows cabinets and drawers to open only one inch * Prevents cabinets and drawers from reclosing on little fingers * Easy to install

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