• Safespot Locking Leash (Black)


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  • Description

    PAWZ Safespot Locking Dog LeashPAWZ Safespot Locking Dog Leash is the perfect everyday leash with a real security feature. The patented design securely locks your dog to an immovable object or can be used as a daily walking leash without using the lock feature. PAWZ Safespot Locking Dog Leash has a fully-adjustable collar and leash in one. With a steel cable reinforced core, you will have peace-of-mind on those short occasions when you need to leave your dog unattended.Did you know that over 2 million dogs are stolen each year? More than cars or bicycles. And less than 10% are recovered. Don't let this happen to you. You lock your bike, why not your beagle?

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