• Sani-Mate Plug-In Ionic Air Purifier

    Wein Products Inc

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    Few of us realize the number of harmful bacteria that inhabit our bathrooms, laundry rooms, food prep spaces, nurseries and pet areas. These pathogens cover practically every surface in these high-activity areas at home and work. Of course, not all bacteria are harmful. But for those that are, like E-Coli, Staph and MRSA, we need to protect ourselves our family members, pets, and guests from the harmful effects of exposure to surface contamination. The Sani-Mate is a powerful little plug-in device that uses highly-advanced corona discharge technology to combat disease-causing micro-organisms. Studied extensively at the UCLA School of Microbiology and other leading scientific laboratories worldwide, the Sani-Mate uses the highest available output of ions to silently, safely and effectively sanitize the air and surfaces in bacteria-prone environments. Contaminated surfaces and air are sanitized using ionized streams of electrons which destroy the pollutant molecules. An infinitesimal level of activated oxygen (O3) produced in the corona completely neutralizes any residual odor-causing elements in the outgoing pure airstream. The Sani-Mate's patented emitter and grid are made of pure platinum and solid gold electroplated stainless steel. And, best of all, there are no filters to change or batteries to replace-ever. With its built-in night light, the Sani-Mate costs only pennies a day and plugs right in to any standard AC outlet. The ionization technology used in the Sani-Mate was developed by Wein Products, Inc., a world-renowned innovator in environmental technology since 1964. Working in conjunction with independent scientists from leading universities and research institutes, Wein Products air purifiers are considered the gold standard in air ionization technology by countless scientific and research institutes worldwide that have studied the effectiveness of this technology using their patented products. Buy with confidence. Made in USA.

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