• Santevia Enhanced Water System Counter Top

    Ecotrend Ecologics

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    Santevia Pure EARTH Water The Closest Thing to a Pure Mountain Spring on Your Countertop Santevia recreates the Earth's perfect process of purifying,  mineralizing, alkalinizing and vitalizing water. Each drop of ordinary  tap water is gravity dropped, resulting in long-contact exposure to  Earth-derived elements, transforming it into the most vital and complete  water available. Santevia™ Eight Stage Water  Process Stage 1 – Ceramic Pre-Filter       Pore size is 0.3 of a micron.     Removes rust and sediments.     Inhibits bacteria, germs, and parasites.     Double sided, low profile design.       Stage 2 – Activated Carbon & Charcoal       Removes chlorine, Trihalomethanes (THMs), organic chemicals,     odour, colour and particulates.     3 different sizes of carbon & charcoal used to increase     effectiveness.     Contains Nano Silver which inhibits the growth of bacteria in     the filter.       Stage 3 – Silica Sand       Neutralizes acidic components creating optimal pH balance.       Stage 4 – Zeolite Granules       Inhibits bacteria.     Removes heavy metals such as lead and mercury.    Removes detergents, agricultural chemicals and other toxins.          Stage 5 – Mineral Infusion       Ionized minerals help oxygenate and fortify the water.    The highly porous mineral stones aid in the oxygenation of water     and in the adjustment of the water to mild alkaline.       Stage 6 – Bio Ceramic       Brea

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