• Satin Sugar Sweet Fuss Free Dry Shampoo Spray, 200ml/120g

    Cake Beauty

  • $15.95

  • Description

    Cake Beauty Satin Sugar Sweet Fuss-Free Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray cleanses, refreshes and revives hair instantly without water when you have no time to wash. Perfect for all hair types, this invisible formula disappears in all hair shades, leaves behind zero residue and helps boost volume. Infused with naturally derived zeolite, this superb ingredient acts as a highly effective cleanser to absorb excess oil. Silica works as a spacer between your individual hair strands to create a voluminous look. Chamomile and calendula sooth and condition both hair and scalp. The result? Hair looks and feels instantly shampooed, has renewed volume and texture- and smells divine. Scent of fresh lemons, sweet sugar and warm vanilla. Quick and practical, this dry shampoo is ideal for those on-the-go. Use this fuss-free travel companion while vacationing, after the gym or as a quick-fix during the day. Your ultimate recipe for looking fabulous without the fuss!

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