• Saw-whet / Screech Owl Hse

    Coveside Conservation Products

  • $48.99

  • Description

    Saw-Whet and Screech Owls are just the right size for this owl house. Being much 
    smaller than the barn owl, barred owl and many bird species, the Saw-Whet and Screech 
    Owls find this owl box provides the perfect-sized cavity, complete with wood chips for 
    nesting material.  Hand crafted in the USA by Coveside, of Eastern White Pine which provides insulation 
    and durability. Over time the color of the wood will age to blend in more naturally with the 
    environment. Habitat: Nests in deep woods, preferably near swamps. Likes coniferous woods 
    and evergreen thickets in parks and gardens.  Range:  Breeds from southeastern Alaska east across central Canada to Nova 
    Scotia and south to southern California, Arizona, Illinois, the mountains of North 
    Carolina and Connecticut. Winters in breeding range and south to Arkansas and North 

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