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    sbyke™ is the next step in the evolution of the scooter.  The wide, hardwood maple deck is stable and allows for side-by-side foot placement.   This hybrid bike-scooter combines the world of BMX and skateboarding and can be used for transportation, exercise, or solely for fun. It features the ease and maneuverability of rear-steering, the control of a hand brake, and the stability of a wide platform that allows for side-by-side foot placement. Crafted of high-quality materials such as hardwood maple and aircraft-grade aluminum, the sbyke™ is rugged and durable with a sleek, eye-catching design.   Recommended for riders 8 years and older, and up to 220 pounds, your sbyke™ can be parked just about anywhere in the garage, and fits easily into the trunk of a car. Riding in tight spaces is no problem either--the unique design allows you to make a 360-degree turn in a space equal to the width of a sidewalk. It has an adjustable spring rate for carving and cruising and a kickstand for standstill stability. The 10-ply maple hardwood deck has a 3-cam carving truck and ABEC 7 bearings.    Features:   Hybrid bike-scooter  Fun for kids and adults  Matte black lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frame for strength and durability  Includes two stem lengths to accommodate tall and shorter riders; 9.25 and 5 inches  10-ply maple hardwood deck with 3-cam carving truck and ABEC 7 bearings  Self-standing with adjustable spring rate for carving or cruising  Front caliper hand brake just like a bicycle  Includes logo decals, instruction manual, and tools for simple assembly  A 3-cam carving truck with ABEC 7 bearings allows for the ease and maneuverability of rear-steering.     Specifications:   Size: 20-inch front rim  Weight: 13 pounds  Weight Capacity: 220 pounds  Frame: Aircraft-grade aluminum  Deck: 10-ply maple hardwood  Bearings: ABEC 7  Rims: Aluminum alloy  Stem: Interchangeable 4130 CroMoPro & LoPro  Brake: Front hand caliper    About sbyke™  sbyke™ is a true testament to the American dream. sbyke USA, LLC was formed after two brothers in a legendary racing family, Bart and Steve Wilson, met inventor, Brad Wernli. The first prototype was created by Brad in his garage. The Wilson brothers then applied their engineering and business expertise in the racing industry to develop the sleek and speedy version of sbyke™. The patented design is portable, easy to control, and perfect for use in countless places--it's even used in the racing pit by legendary motocross champion Ricky Carmichael's team.    Note:  Covered under U.S. Letters Patent No. 7540517, 0641429, 0641800, 0641801; foreign patents pending. sbyke™ is a registered trademark of sbyke USA, LLC in the United States and/or select foreign countries. Copyright © 2011 sbyke USA, LLC. All rights reserved.
           Sbyke P-20 Scooter Skateboard Bike Hybrid. The Sbyke P-20 Scooter features a front BMX wheel, wide maple deck for side-by-side foot placement, patented rear-steering truck technology, and the control of a hand brake. The Sbyke provides unmatched maneuverability. The patented rear-steering makes turning smoother and more responsive. Simply lean in the direction you wish to go and the 3cam bearing system does the rest. There's no need to turn the handlebars; Sbyke is an extreme balance machine! Truck sensitivity can be adjusted for downhill or BMX riding styles. Quality craftsmanship is taken seriously as reflected in the spacious deck, which is made out of 10-ply maple wood. The result: a comfortable and solid ride. This stylish deck sports the "sbyke" logo in the grip tape and hand-painted emblem on the bottom with racing stripe. A tall 9" and short 5" stem come included to accommodate a variety of rider height or BMX tricks. Switching stems is quick and easy and positions you for your ideal ride. Featuring a 20" front bicycle wheel, 10-ply maple skateboard deck, and a hand brake. Its high quality, compact, aircraft aluminum body design with low rolling res

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