• Scent of Samadhi

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    Scent of Samadhi is an all natural, ayurvedic herbal deodorant of the yogis of South India, ideal for yoga, meditation, body work and simple joys in life.
    It's a smell sensation! Scent of Samadhi.
    A natural herbal perfume powder that works along with the body's natural scent to create a fragrance that is truly inspiring. Wear it to feel good and attract abundance in all aspects of your life!
    Scent of Samadhi customers tell us it raises a positive vibration and feelings of well-being. Both women and men use Scent of Samadhi to attract all that is bliss, inspiration, and abundance.
    This ancient ayurvedic herbal blend contains no colors, chemicals or animal products.
    Words cannot do justice to this wonderful ayurvedic herbal perfume. One whiff of this intoxicating blend of proprietary herbs is worth a thousand words. You must try Scent of Samadhi for yourself.

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