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    Triceratops, although it looked fierce, fed on plants and trees. For this reason, it was hunted by the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The front of its jaw formed a beak, similar to that of a parrot, which it used in cutting vegetation. Triceratops had three horns made of keratin, the same protein that composes fingernails and hair: the horns above its eyes were the longest, extending almost three feet. Since its head was equal to the weight of a small car and approximately one third of its body, its tail was also very heavy to keep its thirty foot long body balanced. Its legs were very strong, similar to an elephant's legs today.
           Triceratops Dinosaur. The Schleich ranges of hand painted dinosaurs are perfect for enjoyable role play - build up a collection for hours of fun. All dinosaurs are in scale to produce families, and are CE tested and approved. 5 Years +

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