• Seamless NuBra - Size A (Nude)


  • $45.00

  • Description

    NuBra Seamless first debuted in February 2006 at a Paris Lingerie Show The seamless edge and its patented raised ridge design, double the surface energy of the adhesive around the rim. Together with the superior NuBra adhesive, the NuBra Seamless renders a lengthy service life of at least 100 applications. In addition to all the features of NuBra Feather-Lite, the NuBra Seamless is virtually undetectable under the tightest dress, chemise, T-shirt. NuBra Seamless comes in three colors; Nude, Mocha or Black. Four cup sizes (A, B, C, and D) are available. NuBra Seamless will work for larger cup sizes with the use of NuBra extender.

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