• SECRETS OF LIGHTNING SCIENTIFIC ARNIS - The Dynamic Filipino Art of Self Defense

    Paladin Press

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    In 1937, Grandmaster Benjamin Luna Lema distilled and codified the teachings of generations of arnisadors into a system of knife and stick fighting so fast, so unpredictable and so easily taught that he named it Lightning Scientific Arnis. Forged on the anvil of World War II against the Japanese katana, perfected in death matches where millimeters and microseconds meant the difference between victory and death, the art of Lightning Scientific Arnis (LSA) has never been made openly available to the public - until now. Alfredo Acosta, direct student and authorized representative of Grandmaster Lema, teaches the Thirteen Lethal Strikes of LSA and their accompanying blocks. He then shows you a series of high-speed flow drills that are guaranteed to burn them into muscle memory. Finally, he teaches the Twelve Fighting Methods: striking combinations and espada y daga techniques that make up the very heart of LSA.

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