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    Manual with CD-ROM
    A practical guide to teaching self-care skills to children through pictures and rhymes. The skills in Self-Care with Flair! are arranged in manageable steps - a uniform, step-by-step approach designed to help the child achieve incremental successes. All skills are presented in a rhyming format to help maintain the child's attention and retention and make it fun. All self-care skills are accompanied by a list of pre-requisite hand skills. Also included are useful "tips" to make the learning experience more successful.
    Section 1 is divided into four categories of self-care skills: Dressing - Grooming - Toilet Training - Eating
    Section 2 describes the essential hand skills that are helpful for learning all the daily living skills; Finger Strengthening, Finger To Thumb Opposition, Forearm Strengthening, Lateral Pinch, Power Grasp, Thumb Strengthening and Wrist Extension. In each category, a set of activities is presented with illustrations and descriptions. Parents and teachers can provide skill-building opportunities by teaching a daily living skill, one step at a time, while concurrently practicing several of the prerequisite hand skills.

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