• Sensory Stories Strategy Card Decks


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  • Description

    Two Card decks each depicting a total of 45 sensory strategies that have been successfully used by children as part of the product, Sensory Stories.
    The cards are visual reminders of the various strategies that children can employ to cope with unpleasant sensations in daily life. The Sensory Strategy Cards can be used in a variety of ways. 
    These sensory strategies can become integral parts of a sensory diet. With ready access to the cards, children have a tangible reminder to employ calming sensory strategies that can promote participation in daily activities.
    Sensory Strategy Cards are also recommended for the classroom. Teachers and aides can use the cards to assist with classroom transitions. Prior to transitionng to a new activity the whole class can engage in any single strategy. If the class uses a visual schedule, then the Sensory Strategy Cards can be included in the class' visual schedule.
    These Sensory Strategy Cards can further assist children to successfully engage in life activities.

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