• SG-1900 Sprinter Silver

    The Stick (RPI Atlanta)

  • $34.95

  • Description

    The Sprinter Stick is the strongest of the short stick massage tools - the firmest in the family. It hence, is the most adaptable in the family as well. The Sprinter Stick is a segmental stretching device that's primarily used on the legs - including on the hammies, quads and calves. It offers a great release of muscle tension and tightness when applied properly. With the stick for runners, a light to deep massage is controlled by the pressure that you are applying. The stick massage tool is also a favorite leg massager of many athletes as it's easily portable and fits perfectly in most travel bags.  The Sprinter Stick is basically a bar made up of a semi-rigid core surrounded by independent, inch-long spindles that spin freely. You are supposed to run it over your affected muscles, effectively changing non-compliant muscles to compliant ones.

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