• Shea Terra Organics - Kalahari Ootanga Oil 2 oz

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    Tsamma melons have quenched parched skin in the Kalahari Desert for thousands of years. The oil's large amount of hydroxyl radical- scavenging anti-oxidants enable the melon to grow abundantly in the harsh desert environment. Thirsty skin greedily sips up this light, penetrating oil providing much needed nourishment. Tsamma melon is light enough for oily skin, yet effective enough for dry and maturing skin.
    100% natural.
    * quenching
    * light and penetrating
    * moisturzing
    * helps prevent moisture loss
    * high in hydroxyl radical scavenging anti-oxidants
    Contains only: 100% pure tsamma melon oil 
    Apply to face and body daily to reduce wrinkles and form moisture barrier. Massage into stretch marks to lighten appearance or use as a preventative measure.

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