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    Perfect Petzzz

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    Perfect Petzzz Shih Tzu This sleeping puppy makes the perfect gift for anyone! This adorable Shih Tzu is a lifelike puppy that actually breathes. This puppy offers a real pet ownership experience without the work or expense of owning a real puppy. This flea-free puppy brings comfort and amusement to people of all ages. This loveable pet makes a great companion in any home, office, dorm, or nursing home. You will never find a pet that is so easy to take care of. You never have to worry about feeding, walking, behavioral issues, or vet expenses. This Shih Tzu's belly moves up and down as it breathes and it makes soft snoring noises. This pet comes with its own carrier, bed, collar, and adoption certificate. This pet is hand crafted with synthetic fur and comes with one 'D' Alkaline battery that it can work. The pet can breathe for up to 4 months with 2 'D' Alkaline batteries.

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