• Shiny Skin Infant Carrier Warmer / Stroller Foot Muff, Red


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  • Description

    Manito Shiny Skin is a multipurpose bunting bag which can be used on any type of infant carriers, strollers and car seats. 


    -Outer layer is made of premium water-repellant fabric used on most high-quality winter outerwear. It's soft and shiny, yet durable and resistant to water and wind.

    -Hi-Tech laser quilt on the hood and pocket is much more durable and more resistant to water and wind than regular quilted products. No more dealing with loose threads which is common in regular quilts.

    -Super soft EF Velboa inner fabric is warmer and softer than fleece.

    -Adjustable shoulder straps make it easy to install on the infant carriers.

    -Waist strap prevents the warmer from being blown by strong winds.

    -Elastic band wraps the baby from the feet to the shoulder so the wind cannot pass through the warmer to keep the baby warm.

    -Can easily be used on strollers and car seats as a footmuff or bunting.

    -Big convenience pocket keeps parent's hands warm and also makes it easy to keep the belongings such as cell-phones, keys, etc.

    -Adjustable strap on the hood is useful when covering the baby's head for more protection from the cold.

    -Light weight and easy to use.

    -Overall weight: approx. 14oz.

    -Overall height: approx. 31.8" / Overall width: approx. 26.7" (due to nature of the fabric and construction, actual size may vary by approx. +/- 1" to 1.5")

    -Made in Korea

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