• SHOOT HIM TO THE GROUND Tactical Point Shooting For The 21st Century

    Paladin Press

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    Most gunfights involving an armed civilian occur within the range of zero to three feet. At that close-quarter distance, you're not going to have the room or opportunity to push the gun out, get on the sights, and fire a perfect double-tap into your assailant's "X-ring." So how do you end the threat, even at contact distance, without shooting yourself or someone you didn't mean to? In this video, firearms expert Matthew Temkin teaches you how to get man-stopping accuracy at that critical close range using total target focus, also known as point shooting. Taught point shooting by Col. Rex Applegate himself, Temkin shows you how to transform your body's natural startle reflex when confronted with an immediate lethal threat into a method of close-quarter gunfighting suitable for military, police, or civilian application. Temkin emphasizes point shooting's practicality by teaching the fundamentals: one- and two-handed shooting, burst shooting, turns and pivots, the combat drawstroke, proper targeting, and much more. This program won't supplant aimed fire from behind cover, but is an invaluable part of any combat shooter's arsenal. For information purposes only.

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