• Silat Concepts: Discovering The Fight Within The Form Of Pentjak Silat Serak

    Paladin Press

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    Indonesian Pentjak Silat Serak is one of the most savagely effective fighting arts to ever come out of Asia. Yet despite its combat-proven effectiveness, the details of this brutal fighting system have remained shrouded in secrecy — until now. In this revolutionary two-tape video set, silat expert Joseph Simonet presents step-by-step instruction in the first six jurus (solo hand forms) of serak and shows you how to apply the movements of these forms to totally devastate any opponent. He then unlocks the secrets of silat’s distinctive lower-body movements and shows you how to make and use the pantjar and tiga, geometric platforms that hold the key to all silat footwork. Finally, Simonet reveals the underlying concepts that are the heart of serak’s deadly effectiveness and teaches you how to use them to create your own practical, street-realistic expression of this forbidden fighting art. This is the first time this information has ever been offered to the public and the only hard-core instruction in the fighting form of serak available on video. Don’t miss this rare insight into one of the world’s deadliest fighting forms.

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