• SILENT PARTNER - A Video Guide To Solo Training With A Throwing Dummy

    Paladin Press

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  • Description

    If you want to train to fight and win in the octagon or on the street, there are some techniques you just can't practice on a live partner for fear of grave bodily harm, and a floor bag falls short for most throwing and takedown techniques. That's where the throwing dummy comes in, and in this comprehensive video production from Paladin Press, veteran grappler Mark Hatmaker teaches you how to get the most out of training with this vital piece of equipment.
    Hatmaker starts with conditioning exercises that not only build endurance but also burn basic grappling skills into muscle memory. From there, he moves into the heart of the program: the throwing and takedown skills all groundfighters need to know, and which can only be practiced on a training tool that doesn't have bones to break or a mouth to scream. He teaches throws from such positions as outside arm tie-ups, reverse headlocks, arm drags, flying mares and more. He also includes a special section on suplexes, showing you which muscles you need to develop to do a proper suplex (also called a backcast) from both the front and the back, and how to perform them without injuring yourself. For information purposes only.

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