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    Silver Polishing Cloth This is an Ultra Silver Cleaning & Polishing Cloth. These silver polishing cloths are specially impregnated with a secret formula of silver polishing agents and tarnish inhibitors that gently remove tarnish and other dull areas from silver. The special formula leaves behind an anti-tarnish treatment so that your silver remains shiny and beautiful! Made from a 100% cotton flannel cloth, these special soft cloths will never scratch or harm your finest silver jewelry, silver plate or other silver products. Use this single-ply silver polishing cloth until it is completely black! Formulated for all fine sterling silver and silverplate. Use this polishing cloth to gently remove dirt, make-up, dead skin, body oils, food, finger prints, and any crud that gets on your jewelry! This cloth comes in a massive 10" x 12" size and is non-toxic as are all Blitz products.  Blitz  Stock #93118  *  NOTE: ALL CLOTHS MEASURED FLAT AND OPEN

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