• SIMPLE SNIPER: SNIPER FUNDAMENTALS - with Shadow Consulting featuring Sgt. Josh Crews

    Paladin Press

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    Join sniper commander, and 2008 Snipercraft first place champion, Sgt. Josh Crews, for one of the most fascinating and comprehensive instructional DVDs on sniper fundamentals. Simple Sniper: Sniper Fundamentals features the latest in sniper tactics, techniques, optics, and equipment. Sgt. Crews' step-by-step demonstrations clearly explain some of the most cutting edge and up to date techniques employed by snipers from around the world. 
    In this DVD you will learn: 
    ■How to select and create effective urban hides
    ■The latest in lightweight ghillie suit technology and camouflage
    ■How to setup and utilize a vehicle as a sniper hide
    ■The latest in state-of-the-art sniper rifles and optics
    ■Proper shooting fundamentals for snipers
    ■Creative woodland hide selection
    ■How to train for shooting moving targets
    And much more!

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