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    Spirited music helps children learn language and number skills as they sway, bop, and hop to the rhythm. Use the Sing, Sound & Count With Me to reinforce new skills and concepts that you are teaching.
    Includes 29 songs
        1.It's Pre-K
        2.The Ants Go Marching
        3.I'm Happy to See You
        4.I'm Happy to See You (Spanish)
        5.Shape Song
        6.Counting, Counting
        7.Apples and Bananas
        9.Counting Candles
        10.Hurry Burry
        11.Sing Your Name
        12.Pattern Dance
        13.I Am a Fine Musician
        14.Counting at the Table
        15.Dolphins Swim
        16.Syllable Sound-Off
        17.Inside, Outside
        19.Leaves and Branches, Trunk and Roots
        20.Big Numbers
        21.Animals in the House
        22.That Would Be Me!
        23.Letters Together Make Words
        24.Rhyming Riddles
        25.It's Line Up Time
        26.Starting Sound Shuffle
        27.Dumplin' Song
        28.Rowboat, Rowboat
        29.Ballet Dancing Truck Driver
    Recommended for Pre-K

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