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    Siphon R-evolution kit this "do-it-yourself" kit contains everything you need to enjoy the full creative potential of our culinary whipper. It comes with a beautifully designed culinary whipper, a 10-recipe booklet, 6 gas cartridges and 3 food additives in pre-measured sachets that will help you boost your creativity. Xanthan gum can be used to replicate the binding effect usually provided by the fat of whipping cream so that it is now possible to create an incredibly tasty low-fat whipped cream. Thanks to agar agar, you will also be able to serve warm mousses as appetizers or side dishes and our cold soluble gelatin will add an exquisite melt-in-the-mouth effect to your desserts. Content: 1 culinary whipper (0.5) with its 3 decorative nozzles and 1 cleaning device, 1 booklet of recipes, 1 pack of 6 N2O cartridges.

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