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    Sixlets are a small, round candy-coated chocolate-flavored candy. The chocolate centers are made from a mixture of cocoa and carob, giving them a "malted" taste. They are usually sold in thin cellophane packages that hold them in a tube-like formation. The ball-shaped candies come in a number of colors, including red, brown, yellow, green, and orange. An Easter variation of the candy adds white, pink, and blue pieces while removing brown ones from the mix.  A package of SixletsSixlets will melt if kept in a pocket for extended periods of time. Some prefer a slightly melted sixlet. Different colors have a slightly different taste from one another, due to their candy coated shells. For example, the orange-colored ones taste like orange chocolate.In 2003, Hershey Foods Corporation sold their rights to the Sixlets brand name to SweetWorks, Inc.

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