• Sketch 72pc B Papercrafting Set

    Imagination International

  • $399.95

  • Description

    Copic Sketch 72B color Papercrafting set includes colors specifically elected for their popularity with papercrafts, scrapbookers, and stampers. Packaged in a clear plastic case and contains colors- C1, W5, B12, B14, B18, B21, B26, B29, B34, B41, BG02, BG13, BG18, BG32, BG45, BG99, BV31, E02, E07, E09, E13, E15, E19, E21, E25, E39, E51, E53, E57, E59, G00, G05, G12, G14, G19, G24, G82, R00, R05, R11, R17, R24, R27, R39, RV09, RV10, RV11, RV17, RV19, RV25, RV29, RV32, Y00, Y08, Y13, Y17, Y19, Y23, Y26, YG01, YG05, YG07, YG13, YG17, YG45, YG95, YG99, YR14, YR16, YR18, YR21, YR23

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