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    Our premium MAJESTIC pimple extractor tool is night and day better quality than the others (not only constructed with care so it feels solid in your hands and doesn't cut the skin like the others); we put hours of thought into the design of making the loop types work better from learning and using the product ourselves. Which is why we back it with a 
    100% Lifetime Guarantee Warranty. 

    Special Dual Loops made for different pimple types. Blackheads are better extracted using the smaller, precision loop. Pimples in whitehead stages are best extracted using the flat sided loop.

    Non-Scarring & Safe on the skin when you follow our directions correctly. Make sure to use warm water to wash, soften, and open the pores first, this helps out a lot. In addition; no worries about any sharp edges on our tool. The others have left-over sharp metal edges from lazy machines that may cut into your skin.

    Medical Grade Construction using a 100% stainless steel frame but more importantly; the two loops are solidly secured so there is no cheap wobbling/spinning. We even engraved our MAJESTIC BOMBAY logo on the handle to vouch for to the quality craftsmanship behind our product.

    The Perfect Size at 4.5" long; it's large enough for easy non-slip gripping but small enough to get into stubborn and tricky areas.

    LIFE TIME GUARANTEED. If these are not the very best pimple extractor tool you've ever owned, we will refund your money within 90 days. That's how sure we are in our product.

    So just ahead and click the "Add To Cart" button today!

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