• Sleepmatterzzz Original - Dual-Valve, Standard: 19" x 14"

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    Roho Sleepmatterzzz Original Dual-Valve Cervical Pillow The Sleepmatterzzz Original Pillow is engineered with patented air-cell technology in order to reduce pressure points, and maintain blood flow and proper spinal alignment throughout the night. The Dual Valve Sleepmatterzzz Pillow configuration has two zones of adjustability and allows you to independently adjust the neck support cells from the overall comfort cells. Zone One gently conforms to the head while Zone Two gives you complete control of cervical support. Sleep Really DOES Matter! Sleepmatterzzz Pillows are Designed to be: Adjustable Customers can adjust the pillow to their personal contour with a simple twist of the air valve. Pillows with single valves are suitable for side and stomach sleepers; dual valve pillows provide specific adjustability to the neck area for back and side sleepers. Portable & Lightweight Users can simply roll up the pillow and pack it on trips to make sure they always have a great night s sleep. Durable Made of rugged polyvinyl, Sleepmatters pillows come with a lightweight, washable anti-microbial cover. The pillows are also backed by a 3 year limited warranty. Effective It works! ROHO leverages over 33 years of medical expertise in the design of Sleepmatters pillows. Note: All pillows are made to order. Please allow 3-4 business days for production. Because of the personal nature of the product, we cannot accept returns. 3 Year Limited Warranty

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