• Small Disposable Castor Oil Pack 17"x24" (Blue)

    Baar Products

  • $10.05

  • Description

    The Baar "Small" Disposable Packs are great when applying a Castor Oil Pack to smaller areas of the body, such as a knee, elbow or wrist. It is a convenient way to apply the oil, with much less mess. The Blue side of the pack is plastic coated for added protection. The opposite side is an absorbent, flannel-like material to which the Castor oil is applied.

    Custom-Made Castor Oil Packs
    Our Disposable Pads for Castor Oil Packs, are custom-made specifically for Baar Products, and are unlike any other product. Our pads are made from all-natural plant material. This absorbent material is essential for the pack to remain fresh and impurity free even after multiple Castor Oil Pack sessions. Other pads, chucks, and packs contain synthetic gels to neutralize any odors and may also contain unnatural, antibacterial components. Our pads are custom-made in the U.S.A. and cannot be found anywhere else. They are uniquely created to be hygienic, less messy, convenient, and safe for use specifically with Castor Oil.

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