• Small Garbage Bags, 4 Gallon, 30-Count

    Green 'N' Pack

  • $8.81

  • Description

    GreenNPack Eco Friendly Small Garbage Bags are designed to become bio-assimilated after 24 months in the same way as leaves.Extra strong, unlike flimsy traditional biodegradable bags that break down too quickly and leak. Eco friendly water-print technology Pop up like tissues from our easy dispenser When trash is unavoidable, choose eco-friendly trash bags - a more sustainable choice for your home and the planet. GreenNPack 4 gallon small trash bags are a practical and necessary solution to the problem of plastic waste. They are very different from traditional biodegradable bags which can breakdown too quickly and develop leaks.GreenNPack Eco Friendly Bags will start the process of bio-assimilation two years from manufacture date - leaving no residue or harmful toxins. Each package is dated so you have confidence about the products shelf life.Composition of GreenNPack Eco Friendly 4 gallon small trash bags :20% pre-consumer recycled plastic, 100% controlled-life intelligent plastic which are designed to decompose in a short period of time unlike conventional plastic bags. interleaved bag separation(W)9X((SG)8X(L)18in, 0.5milearth green

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