• Smart Opens: Home Edition with Miguel Miranda

    Paladin Press

  • $26.99

  • Description

    Structural Securities consultant Miguel Miranda, will show you the inner world of Smart Opens.  Smart Open techniques are being used by professionals around the world to gain entry into homes, businesses and personal spaces without leaving a trace.  Smart opens doesn't use standard lock picking or smash and grab techniques; they employ high tech, yet simple, ways to gain entry into most spaces.  On this DVD you will learn how to:  * Open a push button lock with a marker and a light * Use flexible cutting board to open a deadbolt lock * Open magnetic swipe card locks with everyday household materials * Transform an attachable shower handle into a 5 second door opening tool * Open standard door lock with a modified gift card * How to clear an obstruction from the tracks of a sliding glass door from outside * Open garage door in less than 30 seconds without the use of electronics * and much more!!!

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