• SNAP, NO TAP! - Volume Six: Groundfighting - Catch Wrestling for Streetfighting and Self-Defense

    Paladin Press

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    Arguably the most brutal mixed martial art practiced today, catch wrestling's devastating arsenal of strikes, takedowns, throws, flesh-tearing rips, and bone-shattering hooks has been copied by many, but mastered by only a few. In this extraordinary video series from Paladin Press, expert catch wrestler Tony Cecchine teaches you catch's most street-worthy techniques, combining hard-core grappling with brutal striking to provide you with a turnkey self-defense system that will make you unbeatable on the street.
    In Volume Six: Groundfighting, Cecchine shows the grappling skills you need to prevail in any encounter that ends up on the ground. He starts with a series of rapid escape and reversal techniques that include the sit-out, hip heist, and arm drag and then teaches you how to develop maximum power when striking on the ground whether you're on your back or on top. Next he teaches several vicious ground submissions designed to cripple your opponent and end the fight quickly, ranging from the top and double wrist locks to the head lock crank, neck-breaking further nelson and the leg-destroying stopper toe hold. For information purposes only.

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