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    Cor Silver

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    This multi-tasker combines the latest scientific techniques with ingredients based in nature. Cor’s signature patented silver-silica combination works wonderfully to get to the core of the most stubborn skin issues while still being a no-fuss daily maintenance cleanser. Silver is well known as a natural anti-bacterial and healing agent. How? Silver has been shown to block the bacteria’s ability to transfer oxygen through its cell walls, thereby suffocating it. We have created a silver compound with silica as the sponge-like nature of silica draws the silver into its particles, so that it can richly nourish the skin where it counts. The CSC compound, sourced from Japan, is derived from collagen, sericin, and chitosan and helps to balance and even and provides a protective barrier. Collagen is lost as an adult and needs replacing on a daily basis. Sericin, derived from silk protein, is highly moisture-binding and film-forming thereby providing a protective barrier. Chitsoan is a fat-binder that absorbs up to four-six times its weight in unwanted, excess oils. And, with the natural, nourishing ingredients such as hyarulonic acid, jojoba, aloe, and avocado, The Silver Soap doesn’t dry and has been found to be just as effective on troubled skin as it is on the most delicate of skin. In fact, it won “Best Normal Skin Cleanser” the year it was launched by the readers of Self Magazine. Cor: Foam...Rinse...Glow®

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