• SodaStream MyWater Variety, 3/Pack

    Staples Advantage (main)

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    Make Your Own Soda

    Add a drop of MyWater to sparkling water for a splash of fruity flavor. MyWater Variety includes one bottle of each flavor: orange; berry; lemon-lime. is an unsweetened essence that makes around 20 litres of flavored sparkling water.

    Sodastream introduces MyWater in Orange, Lemon-Lime and Berry flavors. Unsweetened, all-natural MyWater flavor essences can be added to sparkling or still water to make lightly flavored seltzer or flavored water. Each 40 ml bottle (3 to a pack) will add a whisper of fresh fruit flavor to approximately 20 liters of water or seltzer, but you can add more or less flavoring to vary the intensity as you please. MyWater Lemon-Lime Ingredients: Natural lemon-lime flavor, with other natural flavors MyWater Orange Ingredients: Natural orange flavor, with other natural flavors MyWater Berry Ingredients: Natural berry flavor, with other natural flavors MyWater has no calories, no sodium and no caffeine. ...

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