• Softening Shaving Cream - Rhubarb - 100ml

    Amerikas Inc.

  • $22.25

  • Description

    Rhubarb is a perennial plant with small white flowers that originates in China and Tibet, from where its dried roots were once exported.In ancient times it was used for its medicinal properties and possesses purifying and soothing characteristics that make it particularly suitable for use in shaving products.

    This aftershave emulsion with its soothing, softening and alcohol-free formula is ideal for sensitive skins. It is enriched with vitamin E and beneficial moisturizing, soothing and calming ingredients that relieve irritations caused by shaving, protecting and soothing your skin and giving it a pleasant feeling of relief. Its special cream-gel texture enables it to be absorbed rapidly without making your skin greasy, leaving your face soft and smooth.

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