• Sole Unisex Softec Regular Insole,Red/Grey,Men's 11.5-12 M/Women's 13.5-14 M


  • $144.80

  • Description

    SOLE Softec Regular is made for medium to tightly fitting footwear. Designed to provide shock absorption in footwear with reduced volume. Moldable base layer adjusts to your unique foot without losing its orthopedic shape. Can be molded by heat or just by wearing. Softec cushioning 1.6mm of proprietary cushioning material ensures maximum shock absorption and comfort. Moisture-wicking top sheet is a perforated polyester weave that maximizes breathability and moisture-wicking. Adjustable arch support support and alignment personalized for your unique foot. Deep heel cup cradles the heel, aligning the foot during heel strike and through the stride. SOLE Softec Regular Footbeds are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Recommended Footwear: Running & Walking Shoes, Basketball Shoes, Skate Shoes, Tennis Shoes, Ski & Snowboard Boots. Recommended Activities: General Sports & Everyday Use, High Impact Activities, Baseball, Skateboarding, Football. Weight: Men's Size 10: Approx. 130g (4.59oz), Women's Size 9: Approx.112g (3.95oz). Dimensions: Men's 10: Width: 110mm (4.33"), Length: 276mm (10.86"); Women's 9: Width: 93mm (3.66"), Length: 249mm (9.80"). Three Component Construction: Base Layer: EVA Blend Optimized To Mold, Cushioning: Open Cell Polyurethane Blend, Top Sheet: Perforated Polyester Weave.

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