• Soltek Pro

    Soltek Easel

  • $185.00

  • Description

    The Soltek Easel Pro adds even more freedom to your painting, with 4.5 inch longer legs than the original Soltek: ideal for . Designed by a working artist, the Soltek Easel Pro is the best thing to hit plein air painting since the landscape. Its intelligent design will add freedom and simplicity to your plein air or indoor artwork. Capable of holding your brushes, towels, 26 tubes of paint, and up to a 30" high painting, it carries everything you need but talent. Weighing only nine pounds and small enough to fit into a backpack, it redefines the concept of portability in an easel. The space age materials used in the Soltek also allow for a compact, sturdy, and durable package.

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